Team Development VS Team Building

Updated: May 21, 2020

Team building has been a favourite buzzword of many corporate organisations in the last 30 years or so. This is a concept that uses a series of activities to build stronger working relationships in a team. But human resources experts say that the conventional one-event way of team building falls short of addressing other issues that affect teamwork.

The typical team building in Singapore involves arranging for a 1-2 days event, usually at a getaway where the team is meant to engage in fun activities that make them more cohesive. Popular activities include paintball, hiking, tugs-of-war, sack running and so on. Through these activities, team building aims to, and is usually successful to some degree in achieving:

• Increased levels of accountability

• A better understanding of the team’s mission and vision

• Increased commitment to the team effort

Team Development

Team development is a complete concept of making better working teams because it infuses team building activities together with helping teams to grow and strengthen over time.

Team development activities are specially designed to address the needs of an organization. It involves educating, discussing, brainstorming, questioning, observing and reflecting. Team development is successful in helping to:

• Find areas of opportunities for teams to improve on

• Raise self-awareness and examine how each individual impacts the team

• Highlight and focus on building and deepening communication and trust

While both team building and team development are essential and enjoyable, team development provides a greater, more lasting impact to the overall culture of your organisation.

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