Revealed! Common reasons why we fail to motivate our employees!

Updated: May 21, 2020

What are some common reasons why we fail to motivate our employees? 

There are times when motivation is needed but simply isn’t given. This can be the result of management who is not aware of the power of motivation, or even due to mangers who simply are absent from the workplace where the employees reside. 

As a person with a position of decision making, it is critical to provide direction to employees through staff motivation. Staff motivation is seldom an easy task as it involves working with several personalities who come from different personal situations that can sometimes be brought into the workplace.

It is important to realize that all employees have outside factors in their day to day lives & this, in turn, can affect your staff motivation. As a leader, you have to keep your staff motivation high, which in turn will provide a more efficient workplace.

Staff motivation is an integral part of corporate culture, that cannot be overlooked by decision-makers & leaders of companies. To get the most out of your employees, it is critical to keep staff motivation high, as this leads to higher productivity throughout an organization.

Contrary to popular belief, leaders and managers need to learn some tips to keep their staff motivated at an optimal level.

When properly used, staff motivation can be a vital tool to get the most out of your employees.

It is important for people in the position of decision making to let your employees know when they do a nice job by using positive words, as this will benefit the entire company through a total team effort.

Simultaneously, employees must know that with reassurance comes high expectations & it will be up to them to meet those expectations, staff motivation can accomplish this task.

To get the most out of your employees, be sure to balance workloads in a fair & honest manner.

Playing favourites can be counterproductive to your staff motivation, so it's important to consider that all employees are held in the same respect & on an even playing ground. There will be times when you do find yourself favouring certain employees over another but to get the most out of your employees & to keep team motivation high, it is important to try to minimize this.

Staff need to know that they are doing a nice job or else staff motivation will suffer. When your staff knows that they have done an amazing job & you've indicated this through a positive but firm tone, your commitment as a leader shows.

Public recognition is always a great tool to boost your staff recognition by letting your employees know that they are doing a great job. Nothing feels better than having your boss publicly acknowledging a job well done. 

The best corporate managers are always looking for ways to boost their staff's productivity.

It takes hard work, patience, understanding & dedication to get the most out of your employees.

Keeping your staff motivation & productivity high will be a measuring stick of your performance & success as a manager.

Improvising & adapting to situations are a few traits a manager must have to get the most out of employees and to keep staff motivation high & be productive as possible for the company as a whole.

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