How to improve working dynamics in the office (Part Two)

Updated: May 21, 2020

In this second part of our how to improve working dynamics in the office feature, we explore some other ways where organisations can help in improving their team working dynamics.

• Work on team building

Team building days are fun and help team members learn more about each other. Long-term team development goals would include culture orientation to break down barriers and bring on board members who may feel different. Team development will help address issues within the organization that requires improvisation. It would help build long term trust which is a crucial factor in positive working dynamics.

• Always address teething problems fast

Simple problems can become threatening risks when not addressed. Any budding conflicts and complaints should be quickly addressed.

Improving team working dynamics does not require huge financial or time investments, but can have a huge impact on a team’s productivity.

• Pay attention to nonverbal cues

What’s going on with your co-workers? Do they seem more on edge than usual? Do they seem distracted? You can have more "in the moment" conversations by providing good eye contact, giving personal space, paying attention to personal tone, volume, expression and subtle nonverbal cues. Talk to them and make them feel supported.

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