How To Fire Up Your Motivation Based On Your Motivational Style

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Let's face it, we've all been through failure. Be it online or offline, we've experienced it in some form or the other. Failure is especially hard when you are working from home.

You've put in so much into your work and sometimes nothing seems to be working. It's so difficult to go on when everything seems to fail, isn't it? Are there times in your life when you want to call it "quits" because you just can't see any good results from all the hard work you've done? 

Then, there comes a time when you feel you have to face the facts and call it a failure. Did you fail? And if you did, how do you stay motivated? 

Here are a few things to think about that might help you pick yourself up and move on towards success.

Failure is a necessary step towards success.

Changing your perception of "Failure" can help you overcome it.

Take for instance your first swimming lesson. Did you swim the length of the pool the very first time you jumped in? Of course not. You failed the first time. You might even have failed the second time.

But did that stop you? Of course not.

You kept trying and kept failing. And today you can swim like a champ. So looking back, do you think you failed that first time? Or did you merely "try". Did you fail the second time? Or did you merely "try"?

Failing is trying. Failing is practising. Failing is learning. And thus failing is making progress towards success.

Realize and tell yourself that you have not failed as a person.

Just because your work failed does not mean that you are a failure yourself. The "failure" is simply a temporary set back that failed to reach your goal at this time.

It merely tells you that you might have to choose differently the next time or choose more wisely. It simply means you were brave enough to make a decision and stick with it and saw it through to the end, regardless of what the outcome was.

Do not berate yourself. Pat yourself on the back for not giving up.

Set yourself goals and work towards them constantly.

Your "failure" might have been because you did not set goals. Or perhaps the ones that you did set were too hard to achieve. Set yourself goals that are easily achievable and work towards them constantly.

Stay focused and make sure that you achieve your goals at regular intervals. When you begin to achieve your goals one by one, you will find that you are that much closer to success.

Rid yourself with all negative thoughts and you will find that you are once again on the path to success.

So what is failure? It's a mindset.

Train yourself to be rid of the negative "failure" mindset and embrace the "setback" as a gift. Pull yourself together and focus on achieving your goals promptly and don't let temporary "hiccups" bring you down.

Think of "Failures" like a stone you step on the path to success. Each "stone" will bring you that much closer to being a rock-solid success.

Never think of giving up. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Take all negative words out of your mental dictionary and focus on the solutions with utmost conviction and patience. The battle is never lost until you've abandoned your vision. 

But what if you're exhausted physically, mentally, and most of all emotionally?

Here are 3 tips for motivation to prompt you in reaching the peak of accomplishment. 

#1 Be in tune to what lights your fire

Dr Carol Dweck, who received her PhD in psychology from Yale has studied motivation and offered the following, "… when you sift through the literature on creative genius, the researchers agree that motivation is perhaps the number one component in the realization of genius. Many of our most illustrious geniuses in every field were people who were considered ordinary as children, and then just caught fire around their topic and achieved amazing things that we know about today—from Darwin to Coleridge, to Cézanne. All of these people were not necessarily extraordinary children." What provides the emotional charge that makes it easy to take action? List the topics, ideas, information, music, activities, causes, and passions that get you so wound up. This is part of who you are, different from others, that deserves to manifest and be shared.

#2 Get your daily dose

Fill yourself up with the stuff that keeps your flame lit. Don't think about what you "should" do. Do what makes you feel great! Incorporate joy into your schedule daily. First, you will feel more energized, more complete, and in tune. Secondly, you stand apart from others. So if you hate cold calling, don't do it. What do you enjoy? If you are uncomfortable networking, shifting your focus to helping others may make a big difference if that’s what you value. Filling your mind with exciting information, listening to uplifting music, or connecting with someone who inspires you may be just the daily habit to keep you whistling while you work. If you want to succeed, surround yourself with the right kind of people who will support and encourage you all the way.  Be with people who have the same beliefs and aspirations as yours. Positive aura is generated by this fusion of collective energy from people of "like minds." 

#3 Take responsibility to motivate yourself

As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar would hear complaints about motivation wearing off, he would sometimes respond saying, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." Too often we are looking for someone or something to provide motivation when it's really up to us to keep that spark ignited.  What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? What inspires you into action daily so that the genius in you is engaged fully? Ponder that. Starting Now! What sets successful people apart from the pack? Is it luck, money, good looks or talent? No, it is one small simple fact -- motivation. Successful people all share one trait -- they are ALL motivated. Of course, motivation isn't simple at all. That is why there is a multi-billion industry focused on self-help books, podcasts, seminars, camps, and coaches. There is just one problem with using these methods. When it comes to motivation, one size does not fit all.

One of the elements that make human beings so endlessly fascinating is that we are all individuals. It is the primary reason our species has been so successful. It also means we each have different interests, goals, and motivation.

Understand Yourself First 

You must first determine which motivational group you fall into and recognise why you are motivated in the way that you are. Then, you might be able to identify how you work best and what kind of motivation produces the best results for you. 

After some thought, study, and research, we have come up with four basic motivational categories:

    ~ The Pessimist

    ~ The Competitor

    ~ The Minimalist

    ~ The Exhibitionist

The Pessimist

The Pessimist is personified by the character Fear from the animation"Inside Out" Whenever he gets the smallest bit of bad news he immediately leaps into the deep end of doom and gloom. It doesn't matter if the problem is small or large, he often reacts as if it is the end of the world. 

This is actually how he motivated himself.

When we face challenges, big or small, the Pessimist works himself through a familiar cycle.

First, he outlines the worst-case scenario, then he outlines his options for action, and then he takes action.

And when he takes action, just get out of the way as he moves very quickly -- and successfully. Challenge faced & problem solved. 

The Competitor

The Competitor, personified by the cartoon character Popeye, thrives on competition. Whether he is playing sports or working in sales, he is always more successful if he has competition. If his motivation flags, he can easily juice himself up with a quick comparison of his progress toward a particular goal in comparison to others. He likes to keep score and that keeps him motivated. He wants to win whatever competition is at hand.

Don't knock this method. By almost any measure, Popeye types are a huge success who worked their way from a contract employee barely able to afford a two-bedroom apartment to a high-level sales executive with a six-figure salary plus bonuses to further incentivize him.

The Minimalist

Perhaps this category is best personified by Dory from the animation "Finding Nemo" or might best be described as having a short-attention-span.

They need short-term goals that are immediately visible and can be achieved within a short period.

They can go the distance as long as it is broken up into smaller projects.

Each small victory will spur them on to the final goal but they need those little successes to keep them motivated. 

The Exhibitionist

This category is for people who have a very difficult time with goals that they cannot see. It is one of the reasons why people hate cleaning-- sure you can see the results but with a busy family, you know how long those results stay visible!

Like the minimalist, the Exhibitionist enjoys breaking large projects up into small, bite-sized chunks so they are not so overwhelming. Work is always divided into several smaller piles so that they can feel themselves making progress. 

But it isn't enough for the Exhibitionist to accomplish the task -- they need to have a to-do list that they can check off as they go and then crumple up and throw in the trash at the end of the day.

They need to be able to point to some visible success for the day whether it is a shining kitchen, a stack of graded papers, or a pile of completed manuscript pages.

Which category do you fall into?

Once you know that much about yourself, you will be better able to find the motivation technique that works best for you.

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