How Improved Working Dynamics Lead to Increased Productivity

Updated: May 21, 2020

Working dynamics is what makes a difference between an average team and a world-beating team. Team working dynamics define the way individuals relate to each other within the team, which has an overall effect on the working of the whole team.

Positive working dynamics are characterized by respect and trust among team members, which makes inclusive decision making easier and has the whole team pulling in one direction. A team with good working dynamics is like a well-oiled engine; all the cogs turn to make work easier.

How do improved working dynamics increase productivity?

Better idea generation

In a team where all team members are recognized and respected, every opinion is heard and discussed. This encourages all team members, even the new ones to speak up when they think they have ideas that can make a positive contribution. This ability to explore multiple ideas can land the organization revolutionary and world-beating idea. Even if they are not revolutionary, they might lead to improving the way business is done, improving efficiency and productivity.

Better conflict resolution

Dealing with conflicts ensures that relations remain smooth between team members. This is necessary to avoid members pulling in different directions or not supporting each other as they should. Unresolved conflicts can lead to resentment which means that team members grudgingly go along or work quietly to undermine each other. Conflict resolution ensures that divergent views do not become hostile views but are viewed as different solutions to common problems.

Quicker responses to challenges

By improving channels of communication and encouraging a free communication environment, an organization is able to respond better to challenges like new competition in the market. Inclusive decision making ensures that every team member understands his/her role in tackling the challenge, which leads to better individual efforts.

Better accountability

In an environment of positive criticism, individuals learn to own up where they have fallen short. Remedies to these shortcomings can then be addressed with input from other team members as well. There is no passing the buck. When individual team members recognize their usefulness in a team, they are likely to put in the effort to be as productive as or more productive than the other team members.

Healthy competition

In a team with positive working dynamics, there is a spirit of healthy competition. Each team member realizes the importance of meeting collective objectives and goals and their role in making this possible. A spirit of healthy competition rather than undermining improves productivity.

A sense of belonging

A positive working environment gives each team member a sense of belonging, which is essential for a positive outlook and better productivity.

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