5 Ways to Make Your Team More Cohesive

Updated: May 21, 2020

It is a well-known management theory that teams that are able to pull together in the same direction are able to accomplish more than disorganized teams. But pulling together can only happen if team members feel close to each other and act towards the same interests.

Cohesiveness in a team is highly desired in sports and the military, but also essential in any context in which more than one person with the same interests come together including the family.

How can a team be made more cohesive?

Regular meetings

Meetings provide interaction with other team members and enable instant communication and feedback. Regular meetings are necessary for a team to discuss what needs to be done when it needs to be done and by who. It presents an opportunity for different team members to voice their concerns, ideas, comments and any other relevant information. The informal chitchat before and after meetings also allows team members to catch up on work and non-work issues.

Team building exercises

While team building days are popular as regular events. They provide the perfect forum for team members who don’t usually interact to learn about each other outside of the workplace. Different team building exercises led by a facilitator gamify but bring out teamwork concepts such as communication and collaboration.

Lunch and learn

A team works better when each team member understands what other team members do. The best way for this to happen is to have each team member explain to the team what they do, and why it is important to the collective effort. Lunch is a perfect time for this. You invite different team members to take the lunch break opportunity to educate the team on their job. This type of exercise is very useful in a fluid team where roles keep evolving.

Encourage out-of-work interaction

Out of work interactions will regularly happen among people in the same office, for example, accountants will hang out together. But it is important for people across the office to hang out together and break divides across age and experience. Pairing newcomers and experienced team members can help ease the new team members in quickly as they are able to pick up the unsaid social mores in the team.

Do something out of work as a team

This helps create an ‘Us’ mentality in the team, where team members recognize they are part of a brand or a team identifiable to the outside world as one. This could be something like running a marathon together or volunteering for a community cleanup as a team.

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