4 Easy Ways To Empower Your Team To Succeed

Updated: May 21, 2020

Too often we hear friends and family complaining about their jobs and how much they hate coming into work every day.

The truth is no one likes working for a company that doesn’t listen to employees and refuses to recognise hard work.

This creates a negative, uninviting atmosphere where stress is high and the need to get out is even higher.

You'll find a team which is always late, always inefficient and always in a panic to get the work done.

Hence, empowering your team members can be the best way to manage your team efficiently.

When your team members feel empowered at their job, they’re more likely to want to succeed and take on tasks with confidence.

Here are 4 simple ways to empower your people today.

1. Communicate expectations

It’s impossible for your team to meet your expectations if you don’t tell them what they are. By defining clear boundaries for them to work in, you’re able to properly communicate what you want while giving your team free rein to work as they please.

This promotes emotional intelligence and will prevent you from micromanaging their work or getting frustrated in the future when they don’t do something you expected of them.

By stating what you want directly, there’s no room for confusion, less room for error, and more room for growth.

2. Encourage feedback and ideas

Some of the best ideas have the ability to come from your hard-working staff who strive to grow your organisation every day.

When was the last time you asked them their serious opinion on something related to the company, perhaps on how to improve?

Harvard Business Review found that 71% of executives rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success, therefore asking for their input shows them that what they say matters and empowers them to be honest about their opinions.

3. Rotate the leaders – Mix things up

If a team is comprised of 1 manager and 10 executives, there will be at least 2 sub-leaders in this team. Sub leaders are people who are experienced and know how the team works. They will drive the culture within the team.

You need to share this leadership with others.

You need to tap the leadership potential of the team members who are new to the organization or who are taking shape.

Each person is a potential leader and future manager. Make them leaders for a day or two. As a team, you'll perform better.

This ensures that you have good, empowered and confident people in the organization.

4) Give responsibility to people

Another way to empower your team is to start giving them responsibilities of their own and to observe how they went forward to performing their task.

Regularly take out people from their comfort zones and give new and planned tasks to see how they perform.

When you give them work and tell them you are just trying them, your people will cope. Everyone wants to move up the ladder.

Trust your own people and give them new responsibilities. They will adapt and cope.

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