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Leadership That Drives Higher Productivity & Attain Business Goals


The importance of having strong & effective leadership in your organisation cannot be underestimated.


Ever wondered what weak leadership does to your company?


Weak leadership puts your organisation at risk.


It hurts your team & individual morales.


It lowers productivity.


Weak leadership can even go as far as to increase turnover rates in your company.



Research has shown that organizations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t.


breakthrough with our program to inspire greater leadership & positive corporate culture 

Our leadership program drives existing and emerging leaders in areas of self-leadership & team leadership:-


Mindful Leadership
Mindset Transformation

What the most successful leaders have that others don’t is a MINDSET SHIFT.

Our programme will help you identify the differences between mindsets & develop a transformative growth mindset in you.


You can then apply this mindset to your staff because you believe in the human potential to learn and grow.


You can help your staff to reach their potential in real work scenarios.


The result is that your employees will improve and your teams, projects, or department will thrive.  



Here's a peek at what you will learn:



  • Understand the real depth of what human potential can achieve at work through a simple mindset transformation 


  • Cultivate a growth mindset in your employees and lead them to reach their potential


  • Inspire a growth-oriented culture that values learning and creativity 


  • Bond your multi-generational employees together through a change mentality 

  • Using proven strategies & methods to achieve goals & action plans 

  • Avoid the top mistakes in leadership mentality that cause managers to fail


Leadership success depends on your ability to motivate and develop your team and team members.  


Motivation is a skill of creating a worthy purpose, an effective team environment, designing work suitable for intrinsic motivation, and using positive reinforcement in an effective manner to boost your team's morales.


Our leadership program will enable you to develop a system of continuous motivation for yourself and your team, enhancing your skills that are critical to your success. 




Here's a peek at what you will learn:



  • Secret techniques in motivating others 


  • Essential motivational skills that every manager/leader needs to know & practice in the workplace


  • Setting up an effective system of motivation for your staff 


  • Positive reinforcement for greater results 





The new era of leadership is less about instruction and managing and much more about inspiring and motivating those we work with.



Our leadership program includes mindful leadership that will help you develop the leadership and emotional intelligence skills needed to create an increased positive performance at work.


Here's a peek at what you will learn:



  • Learn the important role of emotional intelligence and building trust as a leader.


  • Unleash the power of your mind to perform at your best. 


  • Learn how to enable better problem solving and decision making to deliver results as a compassionate leader


  • Discover how to build resilience and manage your own peak performance


  •  Create & surround yourself with high performing teams using mindful leadership techniques.






"If you can't communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you are giving up your potential" - Warren Buffet 


Many successful organisations cite communication as the #1 key skill for high performance.


While most leaders know the basics of communication, how many of them apply them effectively?


Miscommunication causes arguments, conflict & inefficiency




Here's a peek at what you will learn:



  • Through our programme, you'll discover the secret of important aspects of communication often overlooked by most people. 


  • Explore effective ways of communication relevant to your daily work life 

A half day session from just $267 per person, you can:- 

  • Equip existing leaders with new skills that can help them enhance the productivity of their team



  • Achieve a positive effect on recruitment and retention of employees



  • Enhance employee engagement for employees who aim to assume leadership roles



  • Groom potential leaders taking up managerial roles with improved leadership skills



  • Achieve profitable business decisions and strategies



  • Improve corporate culture by boosting morale & positive influence



  • Develop leaders who are capable of navigating through challenges in unpredictable & changing business environments


*Minimum of 20 people per session 

* Rates do not include location, food & transport


" The content was really 

very good, it was very informative for my team of leaders

—  Vincent Goh, Deputy Director

Ministry of Law

Investment in our leadership development program also helps your organisation

Hone new abilities in existing leaders

Attract, retain & develop talented new leaders

Increase success in leading change

Improve organisational performance

Drive strategic execution for organisational goals


For deep level results and transformation, we offer our valued clients a choice of:-

  • Full Day Session

  • Monthly Sessions

  • Bi-Monthly Sessions

  • Quarterly Sessions

  • Customized number of sessions after the assessment of your organizational needs 

We will help to develop your managers & leadership team for better efficiency & higher performance.

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